Emphasizing minimally invasive strategies for improved dental care of children

RL Karlinsey. Emphasizing minimally invasive strategies for improved dental care of children. Journal of Dentistry, Oral Disorders & Therapy 5, 1 (2017).


In the spirit of National Children’s Dental Health Month, this paper highlights a few strategies that can be used to promote effective management of dental care for children, including fluoride modalities, effective dentist-patient communication, and minimally invasive recommendations for handling enamel lesions; in short, these strategies may serve to provide the child with a more patient-centered approach to improved oral care. At the same time, such management may potentially save the child’s tooth structure from potentially counter-productive solutions involving ‘drill and fill’.


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Robert L. Karlinsey, PhD

Dr. Robert L. Karlinsey earned a BS in Physics and PhD in Chemical Physics, holds several patents, and has published in multiple fields including dentistry, chemistry, and materials science. His lifelong struggles with his own dental decay ultimately inspired him to investigate the remineralization of teeth.