Enhancing Fluoride Based Remineralization


Ongoing clinical and laboratory research have revealed exciting new information on the efficacy of the preventive products comprising fluoride and functionalized tricalcium phosphate. Building on existing knowledge previously garnered, in these latest lectures, a collection of new laboratory and clinical studies will be discussed. In particular, mechanistic underpinnings on mineralization from fluoride plus functionalized tricalcium phosphate combinations will be unlocked on the basis of theoretical modelling and experimental observations.

Mineral formation possibilities will be evaluated and results from powerful experimental methodologies probing surface microstructure manifest in incipient enamel lesions will be explored. Altogether, these results demonstrate that by invoking the power of lower supersaturation, these product systems produce distinct acid-resistant, enamel-like mineralization throughout the enamel lesion. Furthermore, as fluoride varnishes continue to become an increasingly popular method in thwarting dental decay, additional new insight from the efficacy of independent laboratory and clinical findings of a tricalcium phosphate varnish will be revealed.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Minimally invasive dentistry (MID) seeks to thwart the restoration ‘death spiral’. One objective of this lecture is to explore some vital components of preventive dentistry that can help make MID successful, including the patient-clinician relationship, understanding microbiological factors leading to decay, and the importance of topical therapeutics.
  • Although fluoride is a cornerstone to an effective hygienic program, key points of the multipronged benefits of fluoride and why the oral environment requires constant bathing of this highly effective anti-caries agent will be discussed.
  • Finally, although calcium phosphate (CaP) is familiar and fundamental to remineralization processes, key differences exist among topically applied therapeutics comprising variations of these CaP systems. Special attention will be devoted to exploring how and why functionalized tricalcium phosphate is a different and effective approach.
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Robert L. Karlinsey, PhD

Dr. Robert L. Karlinsey earned a BS in Physics and PhD in Chemical Physics, holds several patents, and has published in multiple fields including dentistry, chemistry, and materials science. His lifelong struggles with his own dental decay ultimately inspired him to investigate the remineralization of teeth.