In vitro remineralization efficacy of NaF systems containing unique forms of calcium

RL Karlinsey, AC Mackey, GK Stookey. In vitro remineralization efficacy of NaF systems containing unique forms of calcium. American Journal of Dentistry 22, 185 (2009).


Purpose: To determine the in vitro remineralization potential of a new calcium phosphate technology in a 1000 ppm F system. Methods: 3 mm diameter bovine enamel specimens were mounted, ground and polished, and softened in a carbopol-lactic acid solution (pH = 5.0) for 36 hours at 37°C. Specimens were then measured for baseline Vickers microhardness and stratified (N=10, mean VHN =35) into the following groups: Group A: distilled water (negative control); Group B: MI Paste Plus (900 ppm F); Group C: Theramed SOS (1450 ppm F); Group D: “control” dentifrice (1000 ppm F); and, Group E: “test” dentifrice (1000 ppm F) admixed with a new functionalized calcium phosphate system. The groups were then cycled for 10 days in a pH cycling model consisting of four 2-minute treatment periods (diluted 1:3 with distilled water) and one 4-hour acid challenge (carbopol-lactic acid, pH = 5.0) per day. Between these events, specimens were immersed in artificial saliva (pH = 7.0). After 10 days of cycling, the specimens were measured for Vickers surface microhardness and were subsequently microdrilled, with the powder measured for fluoride content using a calibrated fluoride-sensitive electrode. Results: Significant differences resulted between the distilled water and fluoride-containing groups. Among the fluoride-containing groups, Group B demonstrated statistically low levels of enamel fluoride deposition and ΔVHN, while Group E statistically outperformed Group D. Among the groups with different calcium systems (Groups B, C, and E), Groups C and E were found to be statistically equivalent and superior to Group B with respect to both bioavailable fluoride and ΔVHN. Based on our results, these data demonstrated the combination of a new calcium phosphate technology plus 1000 ppm F, produced significantly greater remineralization relative to both the 1000 ppm F test dentifrice and MI Paste Plus, and was statistically equivalent to Theramed SOS.


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Robert L. Karlinsey, PhD

Dr. Robert L. Karlinsey earned a BS in Physics and PhD in Chemical Physics, holds several patents, and has published in multiple fields including dentistry, chemistry, and materials science. His lifelong struggles with his own dental decay ultimately inspired him to investigate the remineralization of teeth.